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Vote-by-mail Fact Sheet

1)   Most of us have received applications for a mail-in ballot.  If you haven’t, or need another one, contact your County Clerk and Recorder[1].  (Don’t confuse the Clerk and Recorder with the Circuit Clerk.)

2)   To get a mail-in ballot, fill in your application and return it to your County Clerk.  The application deadline is October 29, but the sooner you get it in, the less likely you will receive your mail-in ballot too late to vote.

3)   You can also apply for a mail-in ballot online:

DeKalb County Application (Downloads fillable form to your computer, and gives email address for returning form):


Kane County Application (requires last name, house number, or street name and birth date before going forward to form):


Boone County (Downloads fillable form to your computer, and gives email address for returning form):


4)   Ballots will be mailed out beginning September 24, which is the beginning of the early voting period in Illinois.

5)   Ballots must be post-marked by 7 pm November 3, and must be received by the clerk’s office by November 17, or they will not be counted. 

6)   There is a Facebook meme going around suggesting that extra postage may be needed.  Postal regulations require that the election authority indicate what the specific proper postage is[2].   It is USPS policy that all mail pieces have proper postage, but they will deliver all ballots in a Presidential election, even if there is insufficient postage or no stamp attached.[3]

7)   You may drop off your ballot at the clerk’s office.  Some counties will also have ballot drop-boxes at other locations around the county.  You will need to contact your clerk for these locations.

8)  If, after applying for a mail-in ballot, you decide to vote in person, you will need to surrender your mail-in ballot when you show up to vote in person


[1] DeKalb County Clerk: (815) 895-7156,   110 East Sycamore Street (2nd floor) Sycamore, IL

   Boone County Clerk:   (815) 544-3103,   1212 Logan Ave, Suite 103, Belvidere, IL

   Kane County Clerk:     (630) 232-5935,     719 Batavia Ave, #C, Geneva, IL







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